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Winter Painting Fun For Freezing Temperatures

acrylic - Strathmore Mix up watery cups of acrylic color (Fluid acrylic work great- dilute them so they are watery not creamy)...then go outside in freezing weather and paint water on your Strathmore Aquarius II untreated paper and pour the cups of color on the paper (you can tilt and blend the colors a bit and run some of the excess water off) - leave them outside to freeze and cool crystal patterns form in the wet paint...if it's really dry, it's best to leave them outside until all the moisture evaporates so the colored patterns stay without the water melting and moving the paint once you bring them inside.


YUPO works really well. So far I've gotten the biggest crystals on YUPO...same thing - wet the surface first with a 2 inch brush and float the paint onto the surface. If you've never done it, it's pretty impressive and you've got a great start for a winter painting!acrylic - YUPO

acrylic - YUPOHappy painting - Susie Cowan

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